VIP Clubs and the Casino en Ligne Bonus Gratuit

What is a VIP Club?
A VIP club is a prestigious invitation that is extended to casino goers who spend certain amounts of money in casinos, who play regularly for a certain amount of time, or for players who choose to pay a monthly or annual membership fee. VIP status can have a significant impact on the casino en ligne bonus gratuit types and amounts for which players may qualify. Essentially, players who are able to become VIPs earn larger and more frequent bonuses than their non-VIP counterparts.
Bonus Increases
VIP casino goers are entitled to all of the same bonuses as non-VIPs, but the percentages and amounts are usually higher. As an example, while a typical player may receive a 100% match bonus once per month, a VIP player may receive a 125% bonus; this is a 25% increase that will last the entire lifetime of the player's membership. Similarly, VIP players will also receive better promotion incentives than other players. If the general population is offered 25 free slots spins as part of a monthly promotion, a VIP player may receive as many as 50 free spins. VIPs may also have access to larger refer-a-friend bonuses, too.
Other Rewards
VIP casino goers are entitled to certain 'bonuses' that are not available to other gamblers. For instance, they may have their names entered into drawings to win things like cars, boats, vacations and more. In fact, many casinos use giveaways to advertise; they even use these to entice new players to achieve VIP status. Some VIPs are provided with membership cards, as well. These membership cards may be good for free meals in restaurants, free stays in certain hotels, or even free gasoline once the minimum number of points has been earned.

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